Medical Services

Health Choice Generations Utah HMO SNP has specialized areas within the Medical Services Department to better serve your medical and prescription drug needs.

Behavioral Health

As a member of Health Choice Generations, you may be eligible for Behavioral Health services. Behavioral Health services can help people learn new ways to think and feel so they can cope with life in healthier ways. These services can also help people stop drinking and using drugs.

Case Management

Health Choice Generations provides Case Managers who are committed to assisting members in obtaining medically necessary care. This can include education regarding disease management, referrals for specialized care, and communication with the member’s PCP.

The Case Manager’s goal is to assist the member to better care for themselves and to understand their disease.

Care Coordination

The Care Coordination Department was developed to assist busy provider offices in coordinating the care of our members. This may be any provider a member is seeing for care.

This department will help schedule appointments with specialists, schedule special testing, and transportation if needed. In the event of an emergency we also assist your primary care physician in selecting a contracted specialist as needed. This specialist will be close to the member’s residence.

Once an appointment has been scheduled with the specialist, the member will receive a telephonic notification regarding the appointment. At that time arrangements for transportation can also be made.

Quality Management

The Quality Management Department investigates all health plan complaints regarding care or services to ensure quality care for our members and providers. The Quality Management department also oversees quality improvement projects, which enhance services for members, providers, and the health plan.

Last Updated on June 4, 2021